Volunteer Spotlight
Accounting Professor Emeritus Dave Sinason, ’15, Shares His Non-Traditional NIU Story

By Eva Richards

dave-sinason Accounting Professor Emeritus Dave Sinason earned his bachelor's degree in history at NIU in 2015.

Accounting Professor Emeritus Dave Sinason, ’15, has had a unique experience as an NIU parent, professor, student and volunteer. Read more about why he believes the University gives students a fantastic start and why volunteers make such a difference on campus.

NIUAA: What is your NIU story?
Sinason: I married an NIU alumna long before I came to NIU. I have three sons who are all NIU alumni. Two of my sons married NIU alumna. Therefore, as a professor, I began to take classes across NIU and received a B.S. in History in 2015. I retired as a faculty member after 22 years teaching and started to work on my master’s in history. I have seen how NIU has changed the lives of many students. My experience coming back later in life as a history student has given me a greater sense of the world we live in and journeys of people, nations, races and businesses.

NIUAA: How did NIU give you additional skills for your career?     
Sinason: NIU has made me more aware of various cultures and individuals and has clearly made me a better person. I love being in the classroom with bright young students, both as a professor and as a fellow student.

NIUAA: What are you most proud of in your professional career?     
Sinason: Since I am still engaged with the accounting profession through various professional groups, I often meet professionals who were in my class many years ago. Their descriptions of their professional success—many are managers, vice presidents and firm partners—is the best affirmation of my impact on students. Some have thanked me for my teaching and assistance outside of the classroom, and those few kind words make my day!

NIUAA: Did anyone from NIU have a significant impact on you?     |
Sinason: Pat Delaney was the department chair that brought me to NIU and provided me with great support as a faculty member. As a history student, I have found every faculty member that have taught me to be engaging, supportive and helpful. The department is top-notch throughout.

NIUAA: What would you want to tell current and prospective students about NIU?     
Sinason: NIU provides great opportunity, but not all the opportunities are in the classroom. I would tell students to study hard but get involved with student groups and activities, even if you are a commuter student. It is worth staying on campus one night a week for the opportunities available. Also, I would tell them to think beyond their NIU career. Don’t be so focused on the degree that you forget about what comes after. NIU is a launching pad for your career, and students should have a focus on shaping that career.

NIUAA: What do you enjoy most about volunteering on campus, post-retirement?     
Sinason: I have volunteered through the Alumni Association's First Impressions Count Workshop, helping with the speed-networking volunteer pitch practice night.  I have also been active volunteering with the College of Business.  I love staying involved with bright students. The energy you get on a college campus is unlike anything else. 

If you are looking for other ways to be an NIU volunteer, please check out NIU Nexus, or contact Liz McKee at lmckee1@niu.edu or 815-753-7400.