Frequently Asked Questions about the NIU Foundation Endowment Fund
Answered by NIU Foundation Treasurer, Jack Tierney, '75, M.S.Ed., '78

About the NIU Foundation Endowment Fund

An endowment is a source of opportunity for generations of students who will one day impact our world in ways we have yet to imagine. An endowment gift provides this ongoing support because the gift itself is invested, and a portion of the earnings is used to fund scholarships or other priorities in perpetuity. The NIU Foundation endowment provides a strategic base of funding to sustain excellence at NIU.


What is the endowment fund?


Why is the endowment fund important?

How is the endowment fund managed?


Is the investment approach for the endowment fund set up to stay the same in most economic or market conditions? What about rainy days?

Does the NIU Foundation engage outside experts?

Is being a socially responsible citizen important to the NIU Foundation?

What does it mean to manage to our target?

About NIU Foundation Treasurer Jack Tierney, '75, M.S.Ed., '78

Jack Tierney has led the work of the NIU Foundation Investment Committee since 2014. He recently retired as Head of UIT Investment Policy and Governance at Invesco Unit Trusts. Prior to joining Invesco, he was the head of product development, management and investment research for Van Kampen Unit Trusts. During his tenure with Van Kampen, he held positions within Van Kampen Consulting, business development, marketing services, mutual fund product management, and distribution.

Prior to Van Kampen, Mr. Tierney spent four years with Merrill Lynch in Chicago as a financial advisor. He began his career as a high school business teacher and basketball coach in the Chicago suburbs.


Jack guided a student in an externship at Invesco as part of the NIU Bold Futures Externship Program in 2014. He was a member of the NIU Alumni Association Board of Directors and served as board president in 2010.