Student Spotlight: Sho Takami
By Tony Scott

image--sho-takami---2-Sho Takami is originally from Japan, and has been active on campus in several clubs that reflect his interest.

For student Sho Takami, scholarships have been a key factor in helping him thrive academically while he double majors in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics, with a minor in statistics. 

“Getting scholarships before and during my college years has certainly helped avoid being in a financial burden,” Takami said. “It is one less thing I have to worry about as I focus on myself thriving in college. Scholarships have also served as excellent reminders that hard work does pay off in the long term, such as when I was awarded the Gail Masters Gallagher Memorial Scholarship from the Math Department last spring semester.”

Takami, who spent the first nine years of his life in Japan, and moved to the United States shortly after the tragic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. His biological father, who still lives in Japan, is a chemical engineer. When he’s not on campus, he lives with his stepfather, a retired banker and Vietnam War veteran, and his mother, a licensed massage therapist who works from home. Takami has an older sister who lives with them along with his brother-in-law and two nieces. 

Being a Huskie runs in the family; his stepfather, Terrence Wayne Carroll, '74, M.B.A. '75;  his stepbrother, Terrence Carroll Jr., '00; and his stepsister, Jaimie Carroll, '03, are NIU alumni. 

Takami is highly involved in organizations on campus, including being the treasurer for the Math Club, secretary for the Actuary Club and a member of the Chess Club. He also recently accepted an invitation to join Pi Tau Sigma, the mechanical engineering honors society.

In his free time, you can find Takami playing billiards at the Huskie Den, when he’s not at the library. He loves spending time on campus and getting to know NIU.

“I have come to appreciate the physical size of the DeKalb campus grounds a lot over time. It’s not so big as to intimidate new students as they navigate their way to their classes, but it’s just large enough for a walk if one feels like simply walking around campus on the weekends,” he said. “One of my favorite places to hang out is the Huskie Den. Another place I like to visit is the Founders Memorial Library for studying purposes. Its quiet ambience makes it an ideal place to get some work done and/or study for exams.”

To his fellow students, Takami recommends prioritizing their mental wellbeing and physical health as they face challenges during the school year. 

“And for those who find themselves overwhelmed by life on a regular basis, take small steps to incorporate blocks of time for self-care in your daily schedule,” he said. “I’m confident that everyone has what it takes to truly value themselves.”