Cornerstone Society - planned giving society




The Cornerstone Society recognizes donors who have included Northern Illinois University in their planned or estate gifts. Through their bequests and qualified deferred gifts (such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts), these generous and insightful donors have provided for generations of NIU students. These gifts will become the cornerstone upon which the University will grow.


Society Levels
Platinum Guild $1,000,000+
Gold Guild $250,000 - $999,999
Silver Guild $50,000 - $249,999
Bronze Guild under $50,000


Membership in the Cornerstone Society is open to all Northern alumni, parents, and friends who have created a lasting legacy at NIU by including NIU in their estate plans.

To become a member or to discuss a gift opportunity, please contact Mike Cullen, Associate Director of Planned Giving, at (815) 753-1344 or


Last updated 4/27/2022


Platinum Guild ($1,000,000 and above)

Anonymous (2)

Dennis and Stacey Barsema

Janiece Bollie

Angelo* and Linda Capua

John and Nancy Castle

Douglas and Cynthia Crocker

Dean and Brenda DuCray

David Graffam

Mary Greb

Lawrence Greb

James and Tina Kendrick

Ronald and Caryl* Krannich

David and Sherry LaCerra

James and Leslie Lawson

Peter and Corinne Magnoni

James Martin and Marie Petersons

Michael* and Louise McSweeney

George and Ann* Nahas

William and Pamela Russell

Howard and Jill Sadkin

Kay Shelton

Gregory Schatzle and Mallory Simpson

Ronald Sparks and Eileen Chandler

William and Dian Taylor

Gary and Elizabeth Walker

Gold Guild ($250,000 – $999,999)

William* and Eileen Breitzke

Donald and Gladys Charleston

Kevin and Roberta Cleary

Joyce De Winter

Glen and Jamie Gildemeister

Pierre Guibor

Jan Half

Steven* Huck and Mary Ann Rasnak

Darrell and Joyce Jacob

Roy Lee

Keith and Linda Liden

Wilma Miller

Kimberly Nickels

Stephen Erenburg and Francine Pepitone

Rabon* and Theresa Prater

Earl and Cynthia Rachowicz

David Reidy

Ken Newbaker and Lori Richards

Karen Rogers

Marianne Rosen

Robert Schwemm

Alan* and Roberta Sell

Sally Stevens

David Swanson and Anne Barrett Swanson

Norman and Carla* Tchun

Vera Verbel

Herbert Woyach

James and Karen* Zabel

Robert Zerwekh and Susan Russell

M. Nadine Zimmerman

Jan Kellogg and Mary Zordan

Silver Guild ($50,000 – $249,999)

David* Wagner and Renie Adams

Christopher Anderson


Abraham* and Elizabeth Bass

Marshall Sayad and Melissa Bault

Raoul Baumel

Gary and Gloria Baumgartner

John Ferguson and Mary Bonjour-Ferguson

Susan Bonzi

Scott and Judith Borchardt

Barbara Bostian

Robert Bovinette and Yvonne Truesdell-Bovinette

Allen* Staver and Almeda Bridge

James and Deborah Brucker

Edward and Kay Burton

Kenneth and Penelope Cameron

John and Audrey Chiricotti

Natalie Churyk

Harry and Nora Clark

Gary Cueno

Carr and Jill Davis

William Di Paolo and Laura Hall

James Doherty

Christian and Carrie Dow

Herb and Patricia Eldean

James and Beth Ellis

Barbara England

Glenn and Dorothy Erickson*

Brett Feinstein and Stephanie Lane

James Fluckey*

Jeanne Fogarty

Pete Fornek

Robert Frauenhoffer

Walter and Suzanne Froberg

Matthew and Jennifer Gerdes

Susan Haller and Diana Gilbertson

Norm Read and Winifred Halsey

Bill and Marcia* Harper

Susan Herman

Rosalie Hewitt

James and Sheree Hill

Gertrude Hinsch

Mohammad and Patrice Iqbal

William Johnson

Anthony and Carolyn Kambich

Frank Kassel

Romualdas* and Nijole Kasuba

Mary Kilburg

Robert and Carol Kornecki

Frank and Linda Kulesa

Richard Lassin

William and Paula* LeRoy

Frank Court and Abigail Loomis

John and Doris Ludes

Laurence Lurio

Joy Mangold

Michael Mangold

Scott McCullagh and Sharon Keutzer

Vincent McGirr

David and Marcie McMahon

Colette Michael

Donald Millette

Mark and Beth Mniszewski

Andrew Morgan and Danny Richard

Dennis and Victoria Morgan

Gerald and Susan Mortensen

Lou Jean Moyer

Ronald and Lucille Nelsen

Loring Olk

James and Nancy Palumbo

Dennis Parker

Rick and Amy Ridnour

Carol Rolf

Fred Rose

Richard and Nancy Schroeder

Robert and Lois Self

Christian Smith and Roxalene Wadsworth

Anthony Stompanato

Trace Tyler

Arlyn* and Carol Waite

Gregory* and Carol Widerberg

Rebecca Yingling

Thomas Zydowsky


Bronze Guild (<$49,999)

Mark and Sharon Adams

Richard and Elaine Albright

Audrey Anderson

Matthew Angela

Stephen and Christine Barton

Dennis and Marcia* Boma

Dennis and Nancy Boma

Lee and Debbie Brown

Judith Bukowski*

Esther Bullock

Paul Cave and Judy Toth

Linda Conrad

Michael and Norma Cornell

Cheryl Crates

James and Jeri Donnelly

Susann Doody

Sherry Fletcher

Lawrence* and Lois Gelzer

Donna Gulley

James and Julie Hansberry

Barbara Haugen

Gary Hawker

Craig and Mary Hermanson

John* and Jan Hess

William and Barbara Higgens

Charles* and Beatrice Hodson

Stephen and Margaret Horvath

Stephen* and Theresa Horvath

Judy Huss

Maria Iafollo

Blake and Julie Jancius

Orville* and Lou Ann Jones

Phillip and Linda Keller

Terry and Linda* Kirch

Thomas and Elizabeth* Knawa

Marlene Kotulla

Thomas Krupp and Mary East Krupp

Larry* and Lois Leadley

Eric Crane and Amy Levin

Christina Manow

Gary Janowitz and Joyce Marcus

Sharon Marsh

Michael McAteer

Daniel McCullough

Donald* and Marjorie Meanger

John and Kathy Mecklenburg

Michael and Marita Menard

Frank and Sharon Messmer

Kristi Misic

Dale and Teresa Muir

Douglas and Pamela Nelson

Arthur and Carol Norman

Donald* and Rosemarie Ostberg

Tyrone Pearson

Stephen Perrault and John Sygielski

Dale and Loretta Pierson

Shirley Rees

Raymond Rodriguez

Charles* and Dedrie Rudolph

Joe and Diane Safin

Leslie and Joan* Sandy

Leslie and Sandra Sandy

Richard and Dayle Sazonoff

Bernadette Schleis

Don and Deborah Schmalholz

Thomas and Shirley* Scott

Stephen and Suzanne Sharer

Donald and Linda Shearer

Harry and Carla Sillin

Marilyn Sjoholm

Marvin Smith*

John and Eileen Snyder

Calvin and Judith Stockman

Donald Babo and Cherry Stoddard

Carol Swanson

Paul and Karen* Taylor

Judith Tobias

Renee Tobias

Janet Ulmer

Peter and Luann Walton

Dennis and Elizabeth Wendt

Donald and Helen* Westlake

Matthew Wetstein and Cynthia Ostberg


* deceased donor


We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our Cornerstone Society list. If you find an error, have questions, or need more information, please email