Board of Directors

  • jeffrey-a-yordon-niu-foundation-board-member1-119x169

    Jeffrey M. Yordon

    Board Chair

    B.S. Political Science ’70

    President - Athenex Pharmaceuticals

  • m.-cullen-119x169

    Michael A. Cullen

    Board Vice Chair and Chair, Audit Committee

    B.S. Finance ’84
    B.S. Accountancy ’87

    Regional President - First Midwest Bank

  • chris-cole-niu-foundation-board-member1-119x169

    Chris Cole

    Board Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee

    B.S. Accountancy ’75

    Retired Senior Vice President Finance Strategy - McDonald’s USA, LLC

  • taylor002_1-119x169

    William E. Taylor

    Assistant Treasurer

    B.S. Accountancy ’67

    Retired Partner - Deloitte & Touche

  • john-f-tierney-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    John F. (Jack) Tierney

    Chair, Investment Committee

    B.S. Marketing ’75
    M.S.E. ’78

    Executive Director, Unit Trust Division - Invesco Ltd.

  • christine-speiser-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    Christine Speiser

    Chair, Grants Committee

    B.S. Education ’73, Elementary Education

    M.S. Education ’83 Educational Administration

  • cynthia-crocker-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    Cynthia Crocker

    Chair, Leadership Committee

    B.S. Marketing ’80

    Retired Senior Vice President
    Investor Relations and Corporate Communications - Equity Group Investments

  • j.-simmon-119x169

    Jaymie F. Simmon

    Chair, Red and Black Committee

    B.S. in Education ’70

  • s.-barsema-2-119x169

    Stacey Barsema

    President, Barsema Foundation

  • william-a.-boston-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    William A. Boston

    B.S. Marketing ’70
    M.B.A. ’71

    Chairman & CEO
    DynamicSignals, LLC

  • brodeski2.0-119x169

    Brent R. Brodeski

    B.S. Finance ’88

    M.B.A. ’91

    Chief Executive Officer - Savant Capital Management, Inc.

  • kenneth-c.-chessick-md-jd-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    Kenneth C. Chessick M.D., J.D.

    J.D. Law ’84

    Medical Negligence Attorney
    Chairman and CEO,

  • carol-crenshaw-2015-copy-119x169

    Carol Y. Crenshaw

    B.S. Accountancy ’78

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - Chicago Community Trust

  • john-thomas-futrell-niu-foundation-board-member1-119x169

    John Thomas (Tom) Futrell

    M.B.A. ’79

    Senior Vice President
    First Trust Advisors, LLC

  • montel-m-gyles-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    Montel M. Gayles

    B.S. Communication Studies ’83

    Attorney At Law

    Gayles Consulting PC

  • anthony-l-kambich-niu-foundation-board-member-119x169

    Anthony L. Kambich

    B.S. Education ‘59

    President, Deerfield/North Shore Montessori Schools

  • rs16843_001_james_pick_cp-119x169

    James B. Pick, Ph.D.

    M.S. Education ’69

    Professor, School of Business,  University of Redlands

  • manny-sanchez-niu-foundation-board-member1-119x169

    Manny Sanchez

    B.S. Political Science ’70

    Founder and Managing Partner - Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP

  • vianejanet-jviane30-119x169

    Janet Viane

    B.S. Management ’80

    M.B. A. ’83

    CEO, Evoke Productions

  • 15-squires_catherine-wd-2-119x169

    Catherine B. Squires CFRE

    B.M. Music ’80

    President and Chief Executive Officer


  • lisa-freemanbod-119x166

    Dr. Lisa C. Freeman

    Acting President - Northern Illinois Univsersity