Student Spotlight: Ha Na '22 
By Tony Scott

Ha Na

Ha Na plans to graduate in December 2025 with a Bachelor of
Science in nursing, her second bachelor's degree from NIU..

Ha Na, ’22, is working toward a Bachelor of Science in nursing with the goal of graduating in December 2025. She has already earned a bachelor’s degree from NIU in public health with a minor in family and child studies. 

It is because of scholarships that she has been able to continue her education without financial hardships.

“My ultimate career goal is to become a nurse and educate the community, so they can learn about preventive care and health issues,” she said.

Na describes herself as a refugee from the border of Burma and Thailand who migrated to the United States as a young girl 15 years ago. 

“With the American education system, I was able to receive free, affordable, and accessible education to further my knowledge,” she said. 

Na lives in Rockford with her parents, who work as laborers, and her three younger sisters. She chose to attend NIU because it was close to home.

Na said she was surprised and honored when she found out she received the Ruth I. Hall Endowed Nursing Scholarship, the Don and Ann Charleston Scholarship and the Jane Richards Scholarship Fund

“I received three different scholarships in March of 2023 which I did not expect,” she said. “When I found out it was real; it was the best thing that happened to me that year.”

Na is incredibly grateful to donors who have generously supported scholarships for NIU students. 

“I would tell them that they are changing lives and helping students in so many ways,” she said. “As a student, I work two to three part time jobs to afford to go back to school for nursing. By getting a scholarship, it allows me to cut back on hours at work and focus on my studies and have some time for self-care and being around others.”