Kenneth & Ellen Chessick

Ellen: The College of Law has been our philanthropic focus up until now. We realize how much student athletes sacrifice for their sports. Our goal is to make the NIU experience better for all of our studentā€‘athletes. They work so hard; their plates are so full. It’s phenomenal what they accomplish, both on the field and in their classrooms. Providing this training facility for our dedicated student athletes to continue our winning tradition at NIU is a privilege for us.

To support athletics is to support the whole school. A winning team is so important to our students and alumni. At the game, we all support the same team; we all have the same goal. A good athletics program creates enthusiasm and builds alumni pride, it strengthens the NIU family, and benefits the surrounding communities. By this gift, we hope to enhance the experience for all NIU students, and especially our dedicated student athletes.

We thought it was the right time to do something for the entire university.