howard-schwartz-giving-pageThe Howie Schwartz Memorial Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology

A scholarship has been established in memory of Dr. Howard Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz was a gifted educator in the Communicative Disorders program for nearly 30 years. He recruited students to the major through his powerful teaching of the Introduction to Communicative Disorders course, but his passion lay in increasing the fluency of individuals who stuttered. As such, he taught a sequence of stuttering courses, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, he worked clinically changing a multitude of lives.

Dr. Schwartz’s greatest gift was mentorship. Whether you were a student, client, colleague, or friend, Howie was available to guide and support, and his connection with you never ended. Regardless of when you first met him, he was available to provide advice or just chat. He was extraordinarily generous with his time, talents and support.

The scholarship will support a speech-language pathology student.

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