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Huskies. Never. Quit. You just have to Unleash them. 

Scholarships are one of the greatest needs at NIU and one of the best investments you can make in the University.

Many NIU students are first-generation—the first in their families to even think about going to college. Some come from very challenging circumstances. Many work multiple jobs to pay tuition and make ends meet. But NIU students never quit and neither will the alumni and donors who support them.

Gifts to the Unleash Scholarship Fund support students from all areas of study and provide both merit and need-based aid.

Help make sure that all students with a dream--and a willingness to work hard--have access to an NIU education by making a gift to the Unleash Scholarship Fund today.

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  • Amber Sayles Story

    Amber Sayles: A Scholarship in Action

    As a single mother, full-time honors student, community volunteer and part-time paramedic, Amber Sayles relies on her relentless determination, time management skills and hard-earned scholarships to help her on her path to success. 

  • Nehal Hindi: A Scholarship in Action

    Nehal Hindi: A Scholarship in Action

    Motivated by her experiences with social injustice and discrimination, recent graduate Nehal Hindi came to NIU to study law and become an advocate for herself and others. 

  • Jonathan Gustafson: A Scholarship in Action

    Jonathan Gustafson: A Scholarship in Action

    Upon returning to school to pursue a new career, Jonathan Gustafson was grateful to find scholarships to help him along his path to success.